Float Therapy Aids in Meditation

float, spiritual benefitsNon-invasive float therapy brings numerous physical, emotional, mental and spiritual benefits, proving very helpful as an aid in meditation.

What is Meditation?

Meditation is the the practice of turning one’s thoughts away from distractions and becoming mindful (staying in the moment). Some people focus on their breath, while others find that repeating a specific word or phrase (a mantra) is helpful.

In some types of meditations, the focus is on body sensations. This approach can help people living with chronic pain in Mill Creek. The idea is to consider what the pain feels like, much like a scientist would. The meditation requires the person in pain to slow down and relax, which can help with pain relief.

How Float Therapy Helps with Meditation

Creates a Physically Relaxing Environment

The warmth of the water and the calming effect of the magnesium sulfate suspended in the water help to create an effortless floating environment where tense muscles can relax and the brain can move into the theta waves state so conducive to meditation. Once a client feels physically relaxed, he or she finds it easier to get into a meditative state and gain the spiritual benefits from floating.

Eliminates Distractions

One of the issues that come up for people learning to meditate is the distraction of light and sound in a room. A float therapy session eliminates these distractions, leaving the participant free to focus only on their breathing. Random thoughts and memories usually wander into a meditation session, which can be acknowledged and pondered without distraction.

Stillness Allows for Healing

float, spiritual benefitsThere are very few places where someone can go where they are in a place that is silent and still. Libraries are supposed to be quiet places. A house of worship would be silent and still in between services, but not everyone would feel comfortable going there to seek out some quiet time.

A float therapy pod or pool is a place that will be quiet and still for the session a person has scheduled. They can be alone to relax and be mindful, without any demands being made on them. In the stillness, they can quiet their mind and the thoughts and worries that are plaguing them. This is a healing environment like no other.

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